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Horrific Bus Crash in Palm Springs, CA – How do you find the best Bus Accident Lawyer?

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The recent bus crash in California was horrific in nature. Entire families have been forever changed due to the loss of life (13 to date) and massive injuries suffered by the survivors (31 reported). The National Transportation Safety Bureau (NTSB) has a “Go Team” on its way. There is no question that there will be lawyers… Continue Reading

Why Treating a Bus Wreck Case Like a Car Wreck Case is a Multi-Million Dollar Mistake

Posted in Bus Accidents, Hiring A Bus Accident Lawyer, Legal
I was honored to speak to a large roomful of lawyers, from around the nation, at the American Association for Justice’s Jazz Fest Program in New Orleans, LA. My topic, in case you hadn’t guessed, was Why Treating a Bus Wreck Case Like a Car Wreck Case is a Multi-Million Dollar Mistake.  As in most commercial… Continue Reading

School Buses Need Seatbelts – 50 Injured in Kentucky School Bus Crash

Posted in Bus Accidents
I have blogged repeatedly about the need for seatbelts on school buses. IT IS PAST TIME TO HAVE SEATBELTS INSTALLED ON EVERY BUS! Another tragic school bus crash involving middle school children shows why this is a critical – but overlooked –  safety feature. I blogged previously about another school bus crash in Kentucky HERE. I have blogged on the… Continue Reading

Buses without Seatbelts Defective

Posted in Bus Accidents
I have previously blogged on the need for seatbelts on buses HERE. When a bus rolls over passengers are often slung out of the bus, resulting in paralysis and death. A simple lap belt. similar to what we use on an airplane, would prevent this. Recently the highest court in New York looked at whether federal law preempted… Continue Reading


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This is an issue I feel strongly about. BUSES NEED SEAT BELTS. I have blogged on this before on several different occasions. (Here, here, and here for example). Monday, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced new buses would be required to have lap-shoulder belts. The article I saw did not reference when the rule would take effect (generally three years from… Continue Reading

Bus Crash in California Leaves Ten Dead and Colusa Casino Possibly Liable Under Both Broker Liability and Negligent Hiring Theories

Posted in Bus Accidents
  This is the type of matter my firm handles on a nationwide basis. I hope the families read my posts on how to hire a qualified lawyer for this type of case. It is clear they will need legal help, and someone with experience.   This bus crash, and the fatalities, should never have happened. First… Continue Reading


Posted in Bus Accidents, Driver Problems, Legal Issues
A Greyhound bus crashed July 10, 2007, injuring or shaking up the 49 people on board.  A passenger with known mental issues grabbed the steering wheel from the bus driver. See: This crash is reprehensible because it was not only easily preventable, but because Greyhound has known for years this type incident occurs without protective barriers… Continue Reading

Lack of Seatbelts Leads to Bus Crash Fatality

Posted in Bus Accidents
A tour bus carrying 65 family members crashed at 3AM when the driver fell asleep at the wheel. While everyone onboard was injured, there was one fatality when a 71 year old passenger was ejected from the bus. The fact that she was ejected from the bus is not surprising, as buses, unlike airplanes, don’t… Continue Reading