Donate blood. One hour of your time, one life saved. Pretty easy to do the math. Blood. Saves. Lives.

Sure, its a bit of a bother at least until you, or someone you know, needs blood. That is when you realize strangers who donated blood saved a life you cared about. People you did not even know saved a life, without considering politics, race or religion,  while you did nothing. Wouldn’t you sleep better if it was you who saved a life today? Cant you miss an hour in your day somewhere? Wouldn’t you like to be that person, the person that helped?

I donate blood annually in memory of a young girl I represented years ago, Kate Hayden. To this day I cant get Kate out of my mind. Perhaps anyone who has children is haunted by the knowledge of precious lives taken far to early. The Kate I got to know, through her wonderful family, was smart, funny, and full of life. A rising second grader she was on a summer family trip to Disney World that was cut short by a crash with a tractor trailer.

Her brother, a track team runner who was also in the wreck, sent me a college graduation card a few years ago. It meant the world to me, touched me deeply, as so often we lose track of those who come into our lives. Maybe one day he will read this and know how much his card meant to me.

We cant save every life. We cant prevent every harm. We cant undo events in our life that happened no matter how much we would wish otherwise. Time marches on. However just because we cant turn back the clock doesn’t mean we cant anticipate the future. We can save one life. We can help prevent one harm. We can make events better for a family we don’t even know. We can do something for the bad things we see in the paper every morning… today.

So donate blood. Ask other’s to do so. Do your part to make a bit of this world a little better.