I have blogged repeatedly about the need for seatbelts on school buses. IT IS PAST TIME TO HAVE SEATBELTS INSTALLED ON EVERY BUS!

Another tragic school bus crash involving middle school children shows why this is a critical – but overlooked –  safety feature. I blogged previously about another school bus crash in Kentucky HERE. I have blogged on the topic previously HERE and HERE. If we require these same students to be in car and booster seats, and will ticket a car driver for allowing a child to be out of the seat, how can we say seatbelts are not needed on a school bus? The CNN report is copied below for your consideration:

(CNN) — Dozens of schoolchildren in Louisville, Kentucky, were taken to hospitals after the bus they were riding in collided with a car and rolled on its side, officials said.

 Fifty people were taken to four hospitals after Friday morning’s collision between a school bus and a Ford Mustang, said Jody Duncan, spokeswoman for the local emergency management agency.

Of the 47 middle school students taken to the hospital, about half received injuries that were not life-threatening, and the rest were taken as a precaution, Duncan said. All three people in the Mustang were also taken to the hospital.

Individuals were taken to Kosair Children’s, Southwest Hospital, Jewish Hospital Medical Center East, and Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital, Duncan said.

The Jefferson County Public Schools bus had been picking up students who attend Frost Middle School.

Rain was falling when the Mustang, occupied by three high school students, and the bus collided at an intersection, Duncan said.

  • For decades, Greyhound and the bus industry have
    made the purely economic choice to expose all bus
    passengers to extreme risk of injury and death by the
    their refusal to install seat belts in buses. First they
    claimed it was not possible then Mercedes offered belts
    In their small buses proving it was. Then they claimed
    A lap only belt would be dangerous and although true
    Mercedes had 3 point shoulder restraints!
    Then they tried to claim the government doesn’t
    Allow belts because it doesn’t mandate them. Not only
    A lie, it’s worse because the industry ownership of government
    Regulators and bribes to Congress are the only
    Reason belts are not mandatory.

    Obama has consistently appointed industry stooges
    To regulate the industry they came from, and after a few
    Years of protecting the industry from honest and necessary
    Regulation they return to the same industry where
    The playoffs await them.

    One can only wonder whether the body count (ie the people industry
    Killed or maimed but who were unable to make claims for
    Reimbursement for their losses, due to lack of real regulation
    And enforcement) is directly related to the multimillion dollar
    Bonuses awaiting the regulators when they leave the Obama administration
    And go back to industry’s open arms.

    The corrupt lack of meaningful regulation is appalling,
    Particularly from a President who claims to be a Democrat.

    Voters must demand vigilant consumer advocates
    Be appointed in EVERY regulatory position and rather
    Than lying to us for votes, a President who does what
    They promise, something we have not enjoyed for decades.

    There is no excuse for continued refusals to provide seat
    Belts in every bus in the US. Rather than being a 3 world
    Country with profit being the threshold for every safety
    Decision we must put people over profits!!!

    My 2 cents…