I have blogged repeatedly about the need for seat-belts on buses. After a recent crash in NJ, the NTSB prepared an animation of the crash with and without seat-belts for occupants. With seat-belts everyone walks away. Without… well look here for yourself.

One of the conclusions of the NTSB report? 

16. Equipping new motorcoaches with passenger lap/shoulder belts, even in the case of accidents such as this one, would likely mitigate serious and fatal injuries for some passengers during a rollover event and subsequent impact events.

The full NTSB synopsis report of the bus wreck can be found here. It is almost like they read my 2007 blog here. It is incredibly frustrating to see this belated response from NTSB, years late for those involved in this tragic wreck. Still, I am happy that attention is finally being paid to this critical area of safety.