Whenever there is a major bus crash, like the one in reported recently that injured 24 in Atlantic City on June 24th, the passengers (and this case the driver, and the folks in the cars struck by the bus) need good lawyers ASAP. First because there may be limited funds to divide between the injured victims (insurance for buses and tractor trailers has not increased since the 1980’s, and what was a lot of money in 1980 sure isn’t now, 30 years later. See my blog on the topic here) to pay for their injuries and medical bills. Second, because these cases are never easy, even tough they seem as if they should be.

In this case the issues in the crash will apparently be why the brakes failed and why the driver wasn’t aware the brakes were in such poor shape that they were going to fail. The owner of the bus company may not have performed required maintenance or failed to train it’s driver to properly inspect the brakes (as is required under the law). The brakes may also have failed from a hidden manufacturing defect, and that issue will have to be carefully scrutinized,  although it is the least likely cause.

Luckily there are some great lawyers in the NJ area who have experience in trying major cases involving commercial motor vehicle accidents. If you have not read my posts on why you need experienced tractor trailer and bus lawyers for your cases stop, and read my posts here, here, and here. I have more posts on the topic, but these are a good start.

Off the top of my head I can think of several New Jersey Lawyers (that also practice in New York if need be) that fit the bill. The good experienced lawyers will be hired quickly (as there are not many who know their way around a major crash like this), and they may not be able to take your case if they are already representing one of the other families. Putting off hiring a lawyer is not something I would tell one of my family members to wait on with a wreck of this magnitude. Consider contacting one of these experienced New Jersey lawyers: 

  1. Mike Ferrara
  2. Michael Maggiano
  3. Larry Simon