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Why Treating a Bus Wreck Case Like a Car Wreck Case is a Multi-Million Dollar Mistake

Posted in Bus Accidents, Hiring A Bus Accident Lawyer, Legal
I was honored to speak to a large roomful of lawyers, from around the nation, at the American Association for Justice’s Jazz Fest Program in New Orleans, LA. My topic, in case you hadn’t guessed, was Why Treating a Bus Wreck Case Like a Car Wreck Case is a Multi-Million Dollar Mistake.  As in most commercial… Continue Reading


Posted in Legal
I have always been proud to be a trial lawyer. I find great satisfaction in representing those victims of negligence and wrongdoing in need of help to balance the scales. These days that often this means that I speak for the mute, maimed, and yes, even the dead. It is a weighty responsibility that is often maligned in today’s… Continue Reading

Finding the Best Lawyer to Handle a Truck, Bus, or Commercial Vehicle Case

Posted in Accident Help, Hiring A Truck Accident Lawyer, Legal
I have been asked this question in one form or another over the years and thought I would share the following thoughts on how to hire a great lawyer for your trucking case: The lawyer should not ask you for money, and should appear to be well to do. Trucking cases are expensive, an accident reconstructionist… Continue Reading