In my prior post I discussed that WHO has proven a link between lung and bladder cancer and diesel fumes. What does this mean for drivers? It means you are entitled to workers compensation benefits if you have these conditions and can prove long term exposure to diesel fumes.

Drivers can count on the trucking company they worked for for 20 years trying to blame the driver for the cancer (remember when you tried smoking for 1 week in 8th grade? The defense lawyers will say that caused your cancer!). These blame games may work without a lawyer, but the science is now clear and should allow a recovery for many career truck drivers with cancer.  The reason? A contributing cause of your cancer was your job. In most states this means you are entitled to medical care and weekly disability checks and your families may be entitled to benefits on your death.

Generally it is the last employer that assumes the risk of paying workers compensation benefits even though all of your prior employment history may also have contributed to the cancer. Once you are aware your condition may be work related you have just a few days to report the condition to your employer (generally you must report to a manager or follow company procedures for reporting an injury) as work related. In many states, if you wait for more than 30 days, you are not entitled to any benefits. REPORT YOUR CLAIM IMMEDIATELY!