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 The new Hours of Service (HOS) regulations go into effect today. In many ways these regulations are simply the old, pre-President Bush, regulations with some minor changes. Nonetheless, you can expect the trucking industry to be up in arms. I have posted on the new HOS previously HERE

The outrage is primarily because the trucking

One of the the requirements of every trucking company before they put a truck on the road, and every truck driver before they get behind the wheel of a tractor trailer, is that they both must agree to follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. These are the regulations that keep us, the public, safe on

I have blogged numerous times since 2007 about the horrible safety levels of our nation’s trucking fleet as documented in the annual Roadcheck Safety Inspections. In Roadcheck, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) teams with state inspectors and they check more trucks on the road than normal. They announce the inspection dates months in advance so all the

Last week, at the American Association for Justice’s national convention in Chicago, I received the AAJ Trucking Litigation Group’s first ever "Lifetime Achievement Award." I was surprised to say the least!

The award means a lot to me and the fact that the effort I make on behalf of my clients as a truck accident attorney were recognized nationally, by other attorneys who also handle

Trucking companies, as corporations, can only act though people. In trucking cases companies will often hire experts that give the company the answer they want (That the company isn’t responsible and it is the truck accident victims fault) rather than the truth. In many cases evidence is also allowed to be destroyed, even when the company knows