My trial schedule has been more than hectic recently with cases in Rhode Island, Florida, North Carolina, California, Wisconsin, and Arizona all having significant depositions, motions or trials scheduled over the last few months. Having weathered the worst of it I was able to attend a "Mastermind" meeting with some of the finest truck accident

There are several myths about Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI’s), all of which can be explained when you understand the science and medicine involved in the causation and treatment of TBI’s. One of the most popular myths is "You can’t have a TBI if you don’t lose consciousness." 

The Center for Disease Control, an arm of the federal government, dispels this

Andrew Wolfson wrote an excellent article for the Louisville, Kentucky Currier-Journal on the dangerous trucking company that was responsible for putting truck on the road that killed eleven people in Kentucky. The company, identified as Hester, Inc. DOT number 1222388,  had horrible safety scores, putting it in the bottom percentages of all trucking companies its size in America.

One of the critical items to consider in every case is the "black box" data that many cars and trucks are equipped with. These boxes save data on speed, turn signals, braking, and other information that is very useful to determine in a wreck. Many is not all but that is soon to change. As

"I’m here to help." Scary words when said by the government or by an insurance adjuster. I will leave you to your own thoughts about the government’s statement, but let me tell you a little about what "I am here to help" means when said by a trucking company executive.

First it means they know you