My trial schedule has been more than hectic recently with cases in Rhode Island, Florida, North Carolina, California, Wisconsin, and Arizona all having significant depositions, motions or trials scheduled over the last few months. Having weathered the worst of it I was able to attend a "Mastermind" meeting with some of the finest truck accident lawyers in the United States (more on this later).

So what happened at the Mastermind group? We discussed ways to make the roads safer (pay truck driver’s by the hour, oppose larger heavier trucks, etc…) as well as how to help our clients in current cases achieve fair restitution for the damage inflicted on them by negligent truck drivers and trucking companies.

Why do I call this group of lawyer’s, all member’s of TAAR,  a "mastermind" group? Since they are all good friends who I have worked with in the past some might say I was biased. Let me tell you who attended and what some other folks have said about this rare group of lawyers that are as caring as they are smart: 

  1. Steve Gursten – Michigan Trial Lawyer of the Year, SuperLawyer, AV rated, etc… Steve’s accomplishments in the courtroom on behalf of his client’s are second to none. I have worked on several seven figure cases with Steve and he spares no effort on behalf of his clients.
  2. Michael Leizerman – THE Ohio Truck Accident Lawyer, Michael literally wrote the book (Three volumes, trucking cases are not a simple area of the law!) on Truck Accident Litigation. Numerous record verdicts in courts around the country. We have also worked on several seven figure cases together
  3. Ken Levinson – A great Chicago Lawyer (selected as a SuperLawyer, Top 100 Trial Lawyer, AV rated, etc…), Ken focuses his trial expertise and passion in representing children as well as the victims of truck accidents. Ken and I recently worked on a $5 Million dollar trucking case in Rhode Island where a child died, and have also agreed to work together on future trucking cases in Chicago. Our new website, to help Chicago Truck Accident Victims, can be found HERE. 
  4. Morgan Adams – I am one of just a handful of lawyers in the country who exclusively represents the victims of truck and bus accidents, and have a national practice working with clients and lawyers in every state. In order to better serve my clients around the nation, I now have a San Francisco Truck Accident Office as well as a Chicago Truck Accident Office.

The results of our collective efforts as a "mastermind" group will benefit not only our current clients, all those we will represent in the future, but also everyone who will ever use a public road. 

The four of us look better in suits, but after some long nights working out common problems for our clients, I am happy to say we were all awake for breakfast! 

Michael Leizerman, Steve Gursten, Morgan Adams, and Ken Levinson