This year my law office is supporting the Craniofacial Foundation of America. We have signed on as a sponsor of the charity’s major fund raising event in Chattanooga. I can’t begin to tell you the amazing things that this group does for children and, on occasion, my clients. These individuals suffer from facial deformities, whether from birth defects or trucking collisions, that impact their self esteem and ability to face and deal with the world. The impact that the results of the corrective surgery has had for the families and the children is beyond all description.

While our office officially supports a different cause every year, we believe strongly that this group makes a difference. Please consider donating to:

Craniofacial Foundation of America
975 East Third Street,
Box 269
Chattanooga, TN 37403
423-778-9192 or 1-800-418-3223
(The CFA is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization.)

What is the purpose of the Craniofacial Foundation?

Each year, thousands of infants are born with disfiguring birth defects, while hundreds of other Americans suffer serious facial disfigurement as the result of automobile accidents, mishaps at home, and on-the-job injuries. Countless others develop cancers and tumors which can affect the shape and appearance of the face and skull. These are all facial conditions, which, if left untreated, prevent the patients and their families from enjoying many of the everyday pleasures we all take for granted.

These problems carry an immense psychological stigma which is difficult to ignore. This is one reason some people with facial deformities choose to remain closed off from society rather than face the stares, ridicule, and anguish. Many of these people don’t realize that modern, craniofacial surgery can help – and that CFA is ready to help them.

Dedicated to creating better tomorrows for patients suffering from birth defects, tumors, and trauma-related injuries, the Craniofacial Foundation of America (CFA) supports the work of the Tennessee Craniofacial Center in Chattanooga while offering a variety of services for patients and health professionals. Services provided by the CFA may include:

*Direct financial aid for non medical expenses for qualified patients traveling to the Tennessee Craniofacial Center – a facility which regularly attracts patients from throughout the United States.

*Support services for patients and their families. These services include regularly scheduled support group meetings and a parent-to-parent network, allowing families of craniofacial patients to interact and share experiences.

*A variety of educational opportunities, including information for patients, families, physicians, nurses other health professionals, and the public.

You can help. It is not the mission of the CFA to provide financial aid for medical services. However, by helping to cover or defray the cost of travel, lodging and other related experiences and by providing important educational and support services – the CFA is helping to ensure that this exciting field of life-changing surgery continues to advance and is available to as many patients as possible.

A not-for-profit organization, the CFA is supported by donations from caring individuals, organizations, and businesses. Your tax-deductible gift to the CFA could easily help bring new hope and promise to a patient who needs it. For more information on how you can help – or if you or someone you love could benefit from CFA services –
call: 423-778-9192 or 1-800-418-3223.