The American Transportation Association (ATA) was recently quoted as telling the FMCSA that it needed to be "more responsive" to the trucking industry. Isn’t enough that there is a revolving door between the FMCSA and the Trucking industry? Trucking officials haul off to DC for a few years, ensure legislation is passed favorable to the industry and try to kill legislation and regulations that safety organizations pray for, and then head back to the trucking industry for higher pay and accolades. I cant imagine the frustration of dedicated public servants who are actively trying to balance industry needs and public safety. They work so hard to be fair only to be told they are insensitive to industry needs.

For those out there in the FMCSA that are putting public safety over perceived industry needs let me state, as a member of the public who isn’t driving an 80,000 pound truck, THANK YOU!