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MAP-21 Change: Companies MUST Prevent Bad Truck Drivers from Driving

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MAP-21 made significant changes in the trucking industry regulatory scheme. One change is that Section 32307 of MAP-21 was amended to prohibit employers from allowing employees to drive when the employer knows or should reasonably know that the the driver is disqualified,or when the employee’s driver’s license was suspended, revoked, or canceled. This final rule, issued October 1,… Continue Reading

Truck Industry Upset FMCSA Isn’t More Responsive – Are They Looking for A Rubber Stamp?

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The American Transportation Association (ATA) was recently quoted as telling the FMCSA that it needed to be "more responsive" to the trucking industry. Isn’t enough that there is a revolving door between the FMCSA and the Trucking industry? Trucking officials haul off to DC for a few years, ensure legislation is passed favorable to the industry… Continue Reading


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Roadcheck gives the US a false sense of security. Every year Roadcheck is announced by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance months before the actual inspection. This year Roadcheck will be June 7-9. It is bad enough that the trucking industry knows when Roadcheck is months in advance, now, according to Transportation Topics (May 30, 2011 p27), they… Continue Reading

Morgan Adams Quoted In Chattanooga Times Free Press on Trucking Safety

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Bill ignites war of words over trucking safety   by Ellis Smith Ringgold, Ga., widow Cindy Whitaker lost her husband, brother and niece in 2009 when a bucket truck hit their vehicle head-on. Now she’s pushing for tighter federal regulations for truckers, even as the trucking industry points to federal statistics indicating that America’s roads… Continue Reading

Truck Deal WIth Mexico

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A deal has been announced with Mexico, reportedly allowing Mexican trucks to drive in the US. The new deal has some stricter requirements for these than originally proposed under NAFTA. I have previously posted on safety issues with Mexican trucking companies here, here, and here amongst others. I have not had a chance to digest the current agreement, but will post… Continue Reading