MAP-21 made significant changes in the trucking industry regulatory scheme. One change is that Section 32307 of MAP-21 was amended to prohibit employers from allowing employees to drive when the employer knows or should reasonably know that the the driver is disqualified,or when the employee’s driver’s license was suspended, revoked, or canceled. This final rule, issued October 1, 2013, amends 49 CFR 383.37

  • The amendment addresses a long standing problem, particularly with many small trucking companies. Truck accident attorneys will tell you that after a truck crash is necessary to secure the driver’s personal file. The file should identify the measures the employer took to ensure the truck drivers license was not suspended, revoked or canceled. When the company does not perform the necessary basic investigation and hires a dangerous driver on the road, the probability of a tragedy is greatly increased. Safety should always be first, but too often the trucking companies put the public at risk. Enforcement against violating trucking companies should be strict.