The FMCSA stated that it wants to be able to regulate shippers and brokers over the next five years. This is a good idea and a long time coming. The FMCSA strategic plan covers the goals from 2011-2016.

Brokers and shippers frequently make drivers carry over-limit loads, or require runs that either force the driver to

I have blogged about CSA 2010 before (click here for a general overview) and was looking forward to the new system which, allegedly, will be able to asses more than the 1-2% of trucking companies that under the current system are currently evaluated. Unfortunately the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said it was

The FMCSA just issued its final rule on Electric On Board Recorders (EOBR’s) which replace paper driver logs. Paper logs are often called comic books in the industry because the contents are so funny, because they are so false. A switch to EOBR’s will try to eliminate this known problem in the trucking industry. The full text of