Every so often drivers ask me how to report a company that forces them to work over hours, or drive unsafe equipment. The government has set up a toll free hotline to take these complaints and start an investigation. The DOT website to report violations can be found here and states:

The Motor Carrier Safety hotline is a line of communication available to commercial vehicle drivers to submit reports of actual or potential violations of the federal motor carrier safety regulations. The line, 1-888-DOT-SAFT (368-7238), is a toll-free number for drivers nationwide to contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The Safety Violation and the Consumer Household Goods Commercial Complaint Website Hotline http://nccdb.fmcsa.dot.gov  is available to drivers to report safety violations to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration online using a secure system.

  • wesley dunning

    I work for a company in oilfield service and we commonly work 20 or 30 hrs. straight and they have us fill out separate time sheets for pay roll then they shred those they tell us they dont care what we put in our logs just as long as its legal and we drive trucks that have one name on the side of them and all our bills and tickets have that name but our checks have another name on them i asked a few ? about it and they fired me and they owe me money that they wont pay me? what should i do

  • Morgan Adams

    You should turn them in. In addition to putting the public’s life in danger they are putting YOUR life in danger. The studies show you are 200 to 400% more likely to be in a wreck if you drive fatigued. The extra dollars you may make by pushing hours wont help anyone if you are dead, or if you are sued for hurting someone else in a wreck.

    Also Companies and drivers who commit egregious hours of service violations could face the maximum fine for each offense. Companies can be fined up to $11,000 per violation, and the individual drivers may be fined up to $2,750 per incident. Truckers are required to use a logbook to record their drive time and break times, therefore ensuring compliance with the regulations. FMCSA initially announced these changes in December of 2011 as a method to help prevent fatigue – related crashes. Commercial truck drivers and trucking companies must comply with the Hours of Service Final Rule by July 1, 2013.

  • dorothy

    I worked for a company in transportation of fright, was otr, but changed to a local driver, since I started local I have been harassed by my driver manager. he has forced me to drive when I have been sick to sick to drive a truck, wrote me up if I have refused, wrote me up when I had an emergency with my kid at home had to take to the emergency room, he wrote me up for that. has threaten me to suspend for three days, had tonsillitis, could not speak, could not come in for a day he wrote me up on that he writes me up on everything I do, I am a nerves wreck, he called me in the office for the last time, I finely quit, could not take anymore. and I know that this is not legal, how do I fill?

  • Denise Adams

    Who can a driver call to report employer HOS violations for non CDL drivers? And coercion retaliation drugs and drinking within driver occupations? My employer is cab service for RR. What acts cover who? FRA, NTSSA, STAA OSHA? What able driver protection acts? Who helps us intervene.