Last week, at the American Association for Justice’s national convention in Chicago, I received the AAJ Trucking Litigation Group’s first ever "Lifetime Achievement Award." I was surprised to say the least!

The award means a lot to me and the fact that the effort I make on behalf of my clients as a truck accident attorney were recognized nationally, by other attorneys who also handle trucking cases, just blew me away.

My pledge to you all is that I will continue to work hard to make trucks safer, and to decrease the horrific carnage associated with these massive collisions when they occur. When these collisions do occur as a result of an unsafe truck driver or unsafe trucking company I also pledge to hold their feet to the fire for as long as it takes to find full justice for the surviving family members. 

To all my colleagues across the country that had a hand in this award, either directly or in your tireless search for justice for our clients, THANK YOU!