Truck drivers often ask me how to report motor carriers that require them to drive over hours, with unsafe equipment, and in violation of one or more of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. I had just such a call yesterday, regarding a Florida company, from a driver.

The FMCSA understands how tricky this is for a driver and allows anonymous reporting of safety violations. You can go to the website and review the system by clicking HERE. The phone number, toll free, to report an unsafe trucking company is found here: 1-888-DOT-SAFT (368-7238)

2017 Update: There is now a Department of Transportation National Consumer Complaint Database (NCCDB) for complaints about unsafe truck and bus companies. The complaints can be made by by consumers, drivers and employees, and industry members (Shippers, Brokers, Freight Forwarders, etc…). The online anonymous complaint forms that can be found HERE


  • dan

    you should check out glen-di of rochester indiana about breaking hours of service drivers running how they want

  • john

    I reported a company who’s policy “by the owner!! is to ignore and violate the hours of service law. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT. I refused to do this and returned the truck to the company, they withheld my pay saying I didn’t give two weeks notice !! everybody looks out for the companies !!!!

  • Paul

    On Friday July 12 @ 18.00 hr a truck from Quebec , BGT Transport pulled onto highway 102 at Brookfield NS . at a high rate of speed and almost wiped out 6 cars

  • mike

    check amber waves harvesting in malta mt have bad equipment poor maintiance refuse obey hos rules

  • Malcom

    I don’t think anybody cares for drivers its a waste of time try to report this companies.

  • rosa

    Dont work for Red and Black Top they owe us for the trips and dont want to pay us the equipment not save

  • mary

    check out smith auto transport…owner barry smith/rogersville, mo…drivers drive over dot hours all the time, including owner…who generally runs with 2 of the drivers raymond smith and troy haulers

  • mary

    check out Smith Auto Transport…owner Barry Smith/Rogersville, Mo…drivers drive over dot hours all the time, including owner…who generally runs with 2 of the drivers raymond smith and troy haulers

  • Weldon

    Heart of Texas logistics out of hart Texas needs to be investigated. The violations go from improper paperwork when hiring, to operating vehicles that have not had annual inspections, to very unsafe vehicles to faulty securement equipment for flat bed loads. Have reported them to fmcsa, Oklahoma dot, and Texas dot.

  • rt

    Bullet Energy Services, Velma, Oklahoma is running log books to pretend they run legal but then force the driver to work over their hours and tell them to just throw their log away that day or dont fill it out one driver is running 30 to 40 hours straight without sleep and they have had three accidents in the last few months something needs to be done about this company. Their trucks are maniacs also about run over a few people and constantly speeding which they say is ok unless its ten over or more.

  • chuck evans

    I worked for Iowa Atlantic out of Des Moines, Iowa, I quit because I could never turn in legal logs. I wasnt doing it no more, now hes not paying me my money, he said, I will tell a company you tore my truck up an had alot of strokes, the equipment is bad, has fuel problems

  • A. Lopez

    How do you report a small trucking company who had you on the road for six weeks and left you with a truck and no fuel. Then had the nerve to turn around and not pay you only 1500. Had you rushing to your next pickup load but would not refuel you for hours???

  • Rob B

    Please investigate Don Kehn out of Ft Collins Co if you want to find trucks not inspected ,verbal and physical abuse towards employees and withholding pay from drivers. They loose truck drivers every week due to this mess. It’s like a bunch of clowns running a junk truck company that has dangerous equipment. Every guy that starts there asks if everyone is an _____ and you have to say yes, that’s all that works here.

  • RN

    i worked for ice castle inc out if Adrian mo they run you illegal and out of hours just grab a new log book and start over and if you call him he don’t answer the phone or call you back for days…. then if the equipment needs repaired he dont fix it took pictures of the stuff wrong sent to the missouri dot and not a thing happened …and none of the other drivers can pass a physical at all …. thanks





  • greg

    Choice Transport inc. on 8-16-14. truck # 310 cut me and my family off on the interstate and run us halfway
    off the pavement and stayed there and would not let us back on the interstate. all the while I was blowing the horn and trying to maitain control of our vehicle.I was extremely scared for my life as well as my wife and 5 year old son.finally we were able to get past him/her and get back on the road. we then drove along side the truck and gathered information we needed to file a complaint.I thank God we are safe and did not lose our lives on that horrific incindent.I will be giving them a call first thing in the morning to file a complaint with there offices and whoever else I can contact to make sure that does not happen to anyone else.

  • justadriver

    Midnight ride express out of Boise Idaho is the worst company I’ve ever worked for….I was forced to take a wore out Kenworth truck with over a million miles on it…bald tires and the cornrr piece of fender was missing…they give the driver no road expense you have to pay for your own scales….you are forced to run at least six to seven hundred miles a day regardless of road conditions are any other set backs….I blew a wore out tire and was charged the price of of a new one out of my paycheck….the owner is a three-time felon who breaks the law constantly…he has been arrested eight times for driving while suspended and no license and he still drives a semi truck

  • Alisha Thompson

    You should check out Colton Transportation in
    Powderly, Tx…they allow a man to drive that is a type II diabetic
    and he doesn’t take his meds. He’s blacked out several times driving down the road. Has no concern for others! His name is Ronald Dale Merritt!!

  • Anonymous

    You really need to look I to relay express, their corporate office is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. I share there is some sort of scam going on internally. Not to mention they make you exceed your 11 hours on a daily and fake your log books, they withhold pay for absolutely no reason, they are not paying their “contracted employees” correctly or legally. Just take a little investigation and see how unsafe and illegal this company really is.

  • John spray

    Check out Thomas transportation out of dallas, tx or Thomas mushrooms. They consistently want drivers to drive over hos, making fantasy logs. D.o.t.should look at them seriously.

  • wilb

    Don’t work for rising son transport(axton va 24054) hi’s owner harry don’t want to pay us the equipment not save

  • Shad Everett

    Start looking into Gulfline trucking cleveland ,Ohio
    Due to forcing drivers to go over logs and unsafe trucks

  • supertrucker

    I worked for a company called G&F trucking out of dearborn,mi they run loose leaf logs and told me its the only way to make money for example I took a load to cincinnati off loaded drove 2hrs to get reloaded i spent 7hrs in the dock drove back to michigan got to the yard and they wanted me to turn around and do it again it took me 17hrs to complete one a load from dearborn.mi to cincinati,oh run loose leaf logs is not going to cut it especially against the fuel report they will haul a trash load and then turn around without cleaning the trailer haul food, none of my logs add correct i feel like taking them to a dot officer, Im quitting but this company should not be in business,terrible equipment, railers are dispatched with no brakes etc

  • Robert Taylor

    I finally had enough. I had to quit Sharkey Transportation due to there illegal ways of dispatch. They expect drivers to take their ten of while getting loaded or unloaded. And dispatched knowing I was out of hours. Causing hard ship. Still off work.

  • Bobby

    steamroller out of el campo TX is running drive’s day night. 7 day’s a week then you tell them you are not going to do that anymore they let you go. than they don’t pay you for the 280 hour’s you have coming to you this company need’ to be shut down before someone get’s killed the owner is Clint Howard out of Louise TX

  • mexican

    Cactus Fuel out of Odessa/Midland Tx treats there workers
    bad. Mexican drivers are expected to worm more than the white and the all white management staff only call the Mexicans to work. They also give gift cards when you run out of dot hours to compensate pay.

  • Jihad Muhammad

    I work for a company from Atlanta GA called E.x.i.m.l.o.g. whose trucks stay in the shop. Last Monday I pick up a load in Savanah GA made it to Atlanta and told owner he needed to repair trailer that was written up by Milwaukee DOT I ask him to check his equipment he ignored it and gave me a repair card to a tailed company I go they fix the trailer he refuse to pay. The owner refuse c edit card payment and would only accept cash, now once trailer is fix I drove 560 miles and then radiator gives out now I’m in Ft. Wayne Inc sense Friday I get the truck out the shop pull 1000 ft from shop the transmission gives out. He took part of my pay and adding it to his truck repair so when I mention it he ignored my I have been paying the hotel fee sense Friday he never try ed to help me with food are hotel fee. Now it seems the truck be ready again so I’ll have go back to hotel for another night I text him about it now he doesn’t answer. This is rotten business.

  • John

    United fruit and produce in St. Louis,MO… Fraudulent!

  • JJ

    Don’t work for Williams in Michigan city Indiana when I started they assigned me a truck that had several problems with the truck loose fifth wheel that I reported and was never fixed,wiring behind the dash that would smoke and smell like it was on fire head lights that were hazy making it hard to see at night slick tires on back, wipers that needed replaced and never got replaced nearly causing me to wreck one day last week when it started snowing, washer fluid was froze because they were putting that cheap stuff from Walmart in it heated mirrors did not work and you cannot see anything and did I mention that was all within the last two months and finally they did not want you to stop for breaks at all no matter how far it was gotta keep moving…….

  • Jeff

    Amasco Trucking Llc is an active carrier operating under USDOT Number 2262056 and MC Number 772346.

    Company is not in compliant

    Needs IFTA investigation!

  • yaselin

    Sampson transport out of arcadia florida dont know any log booking inspection or respect dot laws this company is red flag by dot and still violate many laws they make the drivers f o things illegal over hours work bad tires etc etc this trucking com0any needs to be check out

  • bill

    Check out hoffman lawn and landscape in Delaware,oh.I was fired for refusing to drive an unsafe snow plow truck. These people need to be investigated before someone gets hurt

  • kirk

    Work for company for a while. I need the money. put after getting tickets, the company did not correct the problems. I found out that all their equipment and vehicle can not pass any Kansas missouri dot stops. You choice is drive or find new job, keep mouth shut,or find a new job. Do not work for Mark One Electric in Kansas City Mo. Unsafe as hell, someone who work there is going to be hurt by their trucks. hopefully no drivers on the road will get in a contact accidents with their unsafe vehicles. I YOU SEE THEM STAY FAR ASAP FROM FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!

  • Morris Alder

    Seale marine yacht transporters does not require a dot physical and did not even ask me to take a drug screen, 3 drivers that i know of did not do any of the dot requirments. W O seale is the most hateful rude disrespectful man you have ever met,

  • Betty Trucking
    9455 Lexington Ave
    De Soto, ks 66018

    Has sloppy and illegal trucks on the road – also has drivers who are not insured or have proper documents

  • James

    Skyworks of Virginia LLC
    10305 Piper Lane
    Manassas,VA 20110

  • les

    Shelk industries
    Kerrville tx
    You will drive for around 20 cpm average. Not get paid. They run illegal sleepers. Have no regard for hos. They have GPS they know log and GPS don’t match.
    We ran team so not affected much by hos. Sleepers were illegal. Not wise enough. And singles running 4500 miles in a week with no reset.
    And getting mad if you reset. This company is a total RIP off. You won’t get paid

  • D wison

    someone please look at boatmate trailers they’re sending out trailer loaded 1000s of lbs overweight.I know of 2 accident due to overloaded trailers or faulty is ignored daily and now they’re subcontractor purpose transport is doing same thing.purpose has only been in business 6 months, don’t do background checks have sleepers and refuse for rooms.they make driver’s sleep in backseat of duallys.Ron miller is aware of all this.he’s owner at boatmate, David Richards is my former partner (purpose transport )and basically bought me out because I refuse to run illegal or unsafely.these 2 companies are only worried about making a little concern for public safety.there have been wrecks that I’m aware of and there will be more if this isn’t stopped.boatmate just went through safety audit so I know ,they know laws. We got our authority in November and have several log violations and ifta violations. Someone please help!!!! Dwayne

  • Dan

    123 concert army out of Fort mcmurray they run a bunch of gravel trucks they run there driver way over there hrs driver do no pre or post trip they have guys that do it for drivers I Belive this is very on safe there driver live in town which is at least 45mins to were the trucks are and they start trucks at 530 which means they would leave town at least 4.45 then drive till at least 730-800 pm then drive home 45 mins which makes there day about 16 hrs long and that’s without the time to wake up and get to sleep very little sleep and there driver work seven days a week some for months at a time being a truck driver my self I think they are a Harzard on the roads I see there brain farts from driving beside them and it’s do to not getting enough sleep think someone should look at them very close before they kill someone and its to late

  • Billy smith

    Rising son transport axton ,va I am company driver more then 8 years and I am very happy with company and owner Harry Singh . People writing ___ about company they are lying about everything .

  • Billy Lawrence

    Rising son transport very good company .i been driver for owner Harry more 10 years .i do really like here good pay and excellent benefits

  • Lon Winters

    I have a friend who is a driver and he’s been experiencing the exact same conditions as what everyone has been reporting here. Given the relatively small number of drivers who found this website and commented, it leads me to think that this is an epidemic and that certain owners must have taken the same course on how to screw drivers while making the most profit, and while keeping themselves isolated from DOT and other penalties.

    So Morgan Adams, thank you for posting this information. But please understand what all these comments are about. Yes, it’s mainly about safety. But it’s also about people just being treated decently, not being put in compromising positions risking their own careers, and receiving fair compensation for their work. What happens when a complaint is received by the DOT – what is the investigative process, and how can we follow up on it? Is there a site or publication that supports transparency, like with medical professionals, that publishes actions taken, fines, and penalties? Where can we go to find out what owners are really allowed to do, and what they aren’t allowed to do? Information empowers.

    It’s also apparent that many drivers simply feel disenfranchised, and don’t even see the point of making complaints. Maybe they’ve tried it before, but nothing changed. They are out there, every week, just needing to earn enough to pay the rent and feed the family and this creates a situation where they can be coerced by the owners to bend the rules. First it’s a little here and a little there, but it creeps up, it escalates. The sad thing is that this will continue as long as there are drivers who will put up with it, and go along – even if for a short while. To be fair, owners face their own challenges. For example, they have to go up against all these other companies, bidding against each other to see who gets the least amount of money for a load. And the companies offering the work take advantage of this – that makes them part of the problem as well. That doesn’t excuse the owners at all – but it’s important to know the big picture.

    I also know that there are good companies out there – big and small. Companies that do value the drivers and understand how difficult it can be at times. They pay attention to make sure drivers don’t go over the time limits, but don’t micromanage in the process. They keep their equipment working. Depending on where you live, these companies may be the needle in the haystack, but keep looking til you find one.

    Morgan, looking forward to hearing more detail from you!

  • Teresa

    Does FMCSA really DO anything when a trucking company is reported?

  • J Lawson

    In Nj. Coim Usa and Dana Transport run overweight out of their customers facilities in west depot ford nj. They pull anywhere from 80,000 – 88,000 on a given day. If u refuse u are slowly removed from hauling for that customer. Then considered a TROUBLE MAKER.CHK OUT SMS RAIL OUT OF BRIDGEPORT NJ. ALSO. THEY ARE ALSO A BIG VIOLATER OF THIS.

  • tim smith

    Check out rml transport out of orrstown pa was in California last week a driver said he made it out there in less than 3 days 3000 miles highly illegal

  • Scott

    I would watch out for road hog transportation they constantly violate hos as well as evade scale House at all costs the trucks barely are satisfactory the owner always want you to fix your time so that you can make your delivery you never get ten hours of downtime if you’re lucky you might get 4-6 before you leave again.

  • neil

    Seevice one transportation out of Plymouth WI needs to be audited…someone needs to match the drivers logs to the trucks electronic tracking an the EZ-PASS records…NOTHING WILL MATCH…

  • Albert

    I have a co worker who always drives over his hours of service. He does it all the time because he is scared of the traffic manager. The company name is intsel steel west out of fontana ca.
    I’ve had the same thing happen to me. But i stood my ground and refused to drive over my hours of service. Now im being single out by the traffic manager and his assistant. I feel so stressed out that i cant sleep at night and feel so tried from lack of sleep. Im constantly looking my shoulder worring about what they mightdo next.
    Can we have someone look into this.

  • Social B

    Browning Moving Storage (United Van Líne) Tallahassee, Fl, they dont run logs also dated on logs and new information on road services they have trucks that leak oil everywhere lights didn’t work regularly they have one truck that the liftgate falls because the change broke on the road all the timethey have lift gates that just draw automatically while driving on the road we have trucks that unbalanced that pulls to the left and the right,

    .drug paraphernalia is not exactly being checked before guys are being on the truck believes believe the driver open to get in the truck and drive it not knowing that the passenger or passengers have stuff on them and they’re constantly knowing what’s going on and not doing anything about it, they’re looking for drivers who don’t know the rules who don’t know the regulations who can’t follow the standards and basically how it’s always worked there is if you complain about what’s going on with the truck so you don’t get hours

  • Britt

    Please check out Shamrock Foods in Phoenix, AZ. They work their employees for their full 14 hour days then have them clock out to finish their work. It was brought to their attention that it was wrong and that they needed to pay their employees for their time they are working up to 16 hours a day and their response was, ‘well we’ve been doing it like this’. So not only is Shamrock working their employees past their 14 hour, but they’re also getting FREE labor from their employees and want their employees to work their butts off the entire time they are on duty. The driving part is the easy part, the labor is excruciating and they don’t give any remorse if you get tired. You get written up if you call in because you’re too tired, or you get fired, or you give up and you quit.

  • D lynch

    Wast knoxville transport llc is not just un safe they use there trucks as a wapon and the owner and one of his employes ran upon to the sidewalk and tryed to hit me, i am pressing charges but this componey should not owm truck or driving them. Owner mr Hashani is a dangerest person in a truck.

  • floyd

    How do I go about gettin help with my company making us run illegally and I don’t mean just a few hours we have had to run as anywhere from 24 to 36 hour straight some time more and have our jobs threatened if we didn’t comply