I have previously posted on how manufacturers of cabs don’t seem to care if a truck driver lives or dies. Trucking companies and truck manufacturers treat drivers like disposable objects, worrying far more about the bottom line than the driver’s safety and training. The fact is trucks don’t include many of the safety features that car drivers enjoy as standard,  such as rollover protection. My prior blogs on the need for rollover protection can be seen HERE, HERE and HERE. I have also blogged on the need for electronic stability control (available since 2004 for trucks) HERE, and lets not forget that fire after a wreck is still a huge danger to drivers, see my post HERE. Now the World Health Organization has identified a new risk for truck drivers – CANCER.

The WHO stated, in its recently reported study, that diesel fumes cause cancer. In fact if you are exposed to high levels of diesel fumes you are seven (7) times more likely to get lung cancer, and bladder cancer is also a risk.

A more detailed discussion can be found in a NY Times article written by Donald McNeil  found HERE.