This is the type of matter my firm handles on a nationwide basis. I hope the families read my posts on how to hire a qualified lawyer for this type of case. It is clear they will need legal help, and someone with experience.


This bus crash, and the fatalities, should never have happened. First there were apparently no seat belts on the bus, a subject I have posted on extensively. Failure to have a seat belt means that passengers will be ejected from the bus, most likely resulting in a fatality. Secondly, the bus had false DOT numbers and other problems that clearly made it a danger. Given the DOT numbers were false we know a few things:

First we know that there is probably no insurance.

Second we know that the Casino is responsible for the wreck under a theory of negligent hiring and/or broker liability. The leading case in this area is Schramm v. Foster, 341 F.Supp.2d 536 (D.Md. 2004) Essentially those that hire folks to drive have a duty to check them out and make sure they can drive safely. Had the casino or broker checked out this bus company it is clear they would have found the sham and never hired this bus and driver. The Casino failed to do so, hired an unsafe, unregistered, and unknown driver because they were cheap. 10 people paid with their lives.