BUSES NEED SEAT BELTS. How can anyone truly argue that a lap belt on a bus isn’t a required safety feature? They are cheap, inexpensive to install, and prevent injuries and death. Again and again I see bus crashes where seat belts are not installed and passengers are needlessly injured and killed.

Recently a Kentucky school bus crashed, turning

I have previously blogged on the need for seatbelts on buses HERE. When a bus rolls over passengers are often slung out of the bus, resulting in paralysis and death. A simple lap belt. similar to what we use on an airplane, would prevent this.

Recently the highest court in New York looked at whether federal law

This is an issue I feel strongly about. BUSES NEED SEAT BELTS. I have blogged on this before on several different occasions. (Here, here, and here for example).

Monday, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced new buses would be required to have lap-shoulder belts. The article I saw did not reference when the rule would take effect (generally