Swift, like many trucking companies, has a history of destroying evidence that shows they were at fault for a wreck. I have posted on this previously. That is one of the reasons it is important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible when you have a trucking case.

Recently, in an Arkansas case, the trial

Trucking companies, as corporations, can only act though people. In trucking cases companies will often hire experts that give the company the answer they want (That the company isn’t responsible and it is the truck accident victims fault) rather than the truth. In many cases evidence is also allowed to be destroyed, even when the company knows

Governor Haslam has proposed that non-economic damages should be capped in injury (tort) cases. In Tennessee juries are trusted to sentence a man to death, but apparently the Governor does not trust a jury, in injury cases, to determine the proper amount of compensation for victims of someone else’s wrongdoing. Did you get that? Governor Haslam is protecting the wrongdoers at

A new study, discussed below, by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that rear truck underride guards are inadequate, and collisions like the one shown above should never have the catastrophic damages that they so often do in the US.

Now there are many reasons that cars hit tractor trailers in the rear, sometimes it is

I am happy to announce that my book chapter "Trucking Accident Litigation" has been published by West Publishing, the nations largest and most respected legal publisher. The chapter is published in the multi-volume set Handling Motor Vehicle Accident Cases, 2d.

West allows one author per topic and I was chosen to write the chapter on commercial truck

Driver distraction, to include cell phone use, is a major cause of wrecks. This is a huge issue in the trucking industry as truck drivers are required to frequently update their company and are on the road weeks at a time, leaving the cell phone their only means of communication with vendors, friends, and family.