I have written several articles on what you should look for when you hire a truck accident attorney for your case (See Here and Here). One of the attorneys I have learned from over the years, and who knows his stuff,  is Bob Karns, a phenomenal Rhode Island truck accident attorney . Bob Karns also has a sub concentration in traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries which is a necessary focus of any lawyer handling trucking cases. I had the pleasure of catching up with Bob recently while speaking at the Rhode Island Bar Association.

Bob Karns’ knowledge and experience in these areas is immense, and he is well respected by defense lawyers and insurance companies. Since insurance companies routinely lie to victims of trucking accidents (See HERE for an article on how insurance companies trick the victims of truck accidents), hiring a lawyer that is known for making insurance companies pay when they are unfair is critical. There is no question that Rhode Island truck accident victims are better off, and able to focus on healing and getting better, when Bob Karns is handling their case.

So what makes Bob different? He is a nice guy, but there are lots of "nice guys." Bob, however, is one of those nice guys that the bad guys just don’t want to cross and get angry. He continues to attend trucking specific legal seminars and stays current on truck accident litigation trends and the trucking industry. He not only stays current on trucking law, he also stays current on the cutting edge medical treatment and needs required by his seriously injured clients. Just like there is special knowledge and materials needed to handle a trucking case not found in every car wreck lawyer’s office, there are even more stringent needs and requirements required to handle clients with the special needs that arise from TBI (traumatic brain injuries) and spinal cord injuries.