I have previously discussed the dangers of old tires in a prior blog. It is a topic that remains an ongoing concern because there are still vendors selling old tires and people driving on old tires. In short, people are still dying from preventable wrecks due to old dangerous tires.

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It has been 37 years since the current tire regulations for commercial motor vehicles (CMV) were enacted. At that time the maximum weight of a CMV was 73,280 pounds and the maximum speed was 55 mph. Now most CMV’s carry 80,000 pounds and regularly exceed 65 mph. Tires have not kept up with the increasing

I have previously posted on how dangerous old and defective tires are, and on how to determine the age of your tires. A jury recently agreed that tires can be dangerous and defective and returned a verdict against Cooper Tires for 28 Million dollars.

The Iowa jury listened to the argument that Cooper trial put savings first and