NTSB recently stated that commercial motor vehicle companies should obtain a CDL drivers’ 10 year driver history. Currently trucking companies are only required to obtain a 3 year history, many drivers re-enter the industry with a clean record, after horrific wrecks, with only a short period of time out of the business so that prior problems "drop off" their three year record.

The NTSB recommended that the following should take place:

3. Revise 49 Code of Federal Regulations 391.23 to require that motor carriers obtain a 10-year driving history for all prospective commercial vehicle drivers.

4. Revise 49 Code of Federal Regulations 384.225 to require that states retain on the Commercial Driver’s License Information System driver record all convictions, disqualifications, and other licensing actions for violations during the prior 10 years.

This is a good idea and I hope that it is adopted.