NHTSA stated that both injuries and deaths from trucks increased almost 10% in 2010, a surprise since the economy has kept people, and trucks off the roads. Combine the economy with the fact that cars are (generally speaking) safer every year – and there were the fewest overall deaths on the road in 60 years in 2010 – the increase becomes both surprising and disturbing. You can see all the reports on the NHTSA website here.

In past years the trucking companies have claimed sole credit for any reduction in deaths on the highways, not crediting safer cars, fewer cars on the road with the current economy, or safer and more alert drivers. I wish they then be consistent and take responsibility for the increase in deaths and injuries in 2010 but that is not the case.

The American Trucking Association President and CEO Bill Graves said, while concerned about the increase, that: "Even with this increase, 2010 was the among the safest years on record for the trucking industry thanks in large part to the good faith efforts of America’s truck drivers, vehicle manufacturers, truck fleet safety directors, law enforcement officers and true safety advocates." With this spin on the tragic increase in injuries and fatalities from truck wrecks it appears we can count on a future run for congress from Mr. Graves.