The 2011 Roadcheck is underway. This is the pre-announced "high inspection rate" period for tractor trailers. Over these few days almost 2% of the tractor trailers on the road have a chance of getting inspected. Despite being woefully inadequate, this is almost double the normal rate of daily inspections. This is when the smart unsafe truckers take a vacation. That is why you and I are safer than at other times during the year.

Note I have nothing against the inspectors. These folks are incredibly understaffed and overwhelmed by the task in front of them. I do have a problem with how the trucking industry spins the results. The industry could be shocked that 1 in every 5 trucks is found to have safety violations and do something about it. Instead they crow about how it is only 1 in 5 trucks and it is better than last year. AGAIN, ON AN ANNOUNCED INSPECTION! The one people prepare for!

I am not the only fellow out there that can read between the lines. You can check out Michigan Truck Accident Lawyer Steve Gursten’s blog as well HERE.