Another concern with Mexican trucks coming into the U.S. is the disadvantage it will place on American trucking companies. Currently the methodology in the CSA2010 safety rating process compares fleets with similar numbers of inspections to one another. So in the US, all trucks are subject to inspection and all trucks are used to determine the safety rating.

The government has not stated how the CSA 2010 methodology will be used with Mexican trucks. Will it only be the trucks sent into the US? Or will it also add the trucks in Mexico to get a true picture of the Mexican trucking companies safety rating? If it includes the Mexican violations, does anyone really believe a database in Spanish, of Mexican company or driver violations, can successfully be merged with an English database with US violations? The language barrier alone, without getting into record keeping, corruption, or other hurdles, would make this a bad idea.

Now lets be clear. Nothing currently prevents a Mexican trucking company from owning an American subsidiary, subject to all our safety rules and regulations. Nothing prevents any driver licensed by Mexico, with the appropriate documentation, from driving trucks in the US. My posts are simply about Mexican trucks, with drivers from any nationality who are licensed in Mexico, driving unfettered across America. This will take jobs away from US citizens (currently the value of goods going into and out of Mexico by truck is 320 Billion dollars), at a time we can least afford to have hard working US truckers out of work.

Tell your congressman and senators this is a bad idea.