Supporting documents have long been required to ensure drivers remained within hours of service and were not driving in a fatigued state. These documents, when compared to the drivers log books, would prove whether the driver was where he said he was, when he said he was, doing what he said he was. For example, if the driver said he was sleeping in TN, a supporting document showing he was getting fuel in GA would prove his logs were fake. As the years progressed, more technology and different documents that were created (think Comdata, Qualcom, etc…) in the industry resulted in a hodge podge of different orders from the FMCSA. It was not the FMCSA’s fault, they simply issued new directives when technology changed.

The ATA filed suit in federal court and the judge required the FMCSA to issue a complete list of all documents it required truckers to keep for supporting hours of service regulations by December 30th. I think this is a good decision as all parties should be clear on what should be retained to support a drivers logs and his hours of service.

While I don’t think there is an issue (you simply keep anything that will verify that your driver was following the law), I can see where others would like to have that set out in one place, and with the advent of EOBR’s and satellite GPS monitoring, technology is changing in the trucking industry. I will look forward to reviewing the proposed rule when it is published.