Over 10% of all commercial motor vehicles (Tractor trailers, buses, etc…) have brakes that are so bad that government inspectors place them out of service and wont allow them to continue to drive on our roads. The CVSA (the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, an industry group)  recently released statistics, on October 15, 2010, that stated that of all the vehicles inspected recently that:

  • 4,117 vehicles were placed OOS for brakes (13.5% in 2010, 15.1% in 2009).

ONE OUT OF TEN! Note that is out of service which means 20% OR MORE of the braking power is impacted. This statistic DOES NOT include CMV’s that have bad brakes that have less than 20% of braking power impacted. You would think, giving the incredibly low standard that drivers and companies have to meet to keep brakes satisfactory, that training would keep this, one of the most critical accident prevention tools available, from ever being violated. 

The Trucking Industry should be ashamed of this.