Requiring Electric On Board Recorders (EOBR’s) on every truck would be a significant step forward for safety in the trucking industry. EOBR’s keep better track of a drivers hours than the paper log books (frequently referred to as "comic books") that are currently used within the trucking industry. EOBR’s are not perfect, but they are much safer and harder to fake than paper logs.

Keeping drivers within the legal hours helps prevent fatigued driving, a dangerous condition which is acknowledged to be a contributing factor in over 1/3 of all crashes involving commercial motor vehicles. Recently the Chairwoman of the NTSB, Debbie Hersman, called for EOBR’s on all trucks since NTSB  "investigate accidents on a regular basis where we find two sets of log books [with one being false]."

Chairwoman Hersman’s comments came after her speech at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on November 16, 2009.