It is well know in the trucking industry that paying drivers by the mile gives them an economic incentive to speed and violate hours of service regulations (resulting in fatigued drivers) in order to pack on the miles and earn more money. In fact many drivers have told me "if the wheels aren’t turning I ain’t earning." Trucking companies turn a blind eye to the violations created by a rate per mile system creating a huge safety issue for the motoring public who has to share the roadway with these dangerous drivers and companies.

Dupre Logistics appears to be an exception and is to be commended for shifting all of its drivers over to an hourly rate for driving its trucks instead of  paying drivers a set amount per mile. The company has also moved to EOBR’s which more accurately track drivers work habits and time spent on the road. The President of Dupre Logistics, Tom Voelkel stated moving to hourly pay has reduced the company’s accident related expenses by 70%! The company also has an active safety culture which has resulted in numerous safety awards.

Congratulations to Dupre Logistics for getting it right and making the roadways safer. I almost wish I could tell you that they were unique in their ability to provide safe drivers because then the tragic deaths involving drivers from other companies would be less painful. In looking at Dupre’s website it becomes clear that the steps they took could easily be taken by other companies if they choose to do so. Other trucking companies simply choose not to follow Dupre’s lead, by continuing to run unsafe driver’s, putting us all at risk.