Recently, on May 15, 2009, the US District Court for the District of Columbia upheld a law that requires truckers to have observed drug tests if they have failed or refused to take a test as a condition of employment. I can’t believe that the law was contested. Every member of the armed forces has observed drug tests at least annually. When you are in safety sensitive functions I think that a drug test, by a method that decreases the chance of cheating on the test, is only proper.

Perhaps I am biased in favor of these tests because for 22 years I had these tests in the USMC. Perhaps it is because I have dealt with the families who deal with the aftermath of a driver on drugs who cause a catastrophic wreck, or perhaps it is just because I know at least 2-3% of truck drivers are on drugs or alcohol on our roads every day and I just think more should be done to keep drunks off our roads.

Is there anyone who disagrees? Really?