The FMCSA gets a partial round of applause for instituting a mandatory audit for new trucking companies after 18 months. They don’t get a full round of applause because the public should not be left in danger for a year and 1/2 before the FMCSA gets around to looking at a new company. The program will shut down companies that:

  1. Use drivers with invalid licenses
  2. Fail to have a drug and alcohol policy
  3. Have insufficient insurance
  4. Use drivers who are medically disqualified
  5. Uses unsafe vehicles
  6. Fail to inspect its vehicles
  7. Fail to keep track of the HOS of its drivers,

Given the above list I would like to think the FMCSA could act faster than 18 months. Given that we have not had a mandatory program in place before now, 18 months is a lot better than nothing.

The FMCSA estimated that the new rule on inspections will save $3.78 Billion dollars by avoiding nearly 40,000 crashes over a 10 year period. Imagine how many more people would be saved from the tragedy of a crash with an 18 Wheeler if the inspection was held between the first 6 to 12 months!