An October 2008 has killed seven in Alabama, a tragedy that appears to have been preventable. The truck driver, who was in charge of the approximately 80,000 pound tractor trailer,  crossed the center line to strike a van of prison guard applicants. Seven were killed. So what can cause a tractor trailer to cross a center line and never break before hitting another vehicle? Fatigue. I have posted on this topic repeatedly. Trucking companies run their driver too hard, for money, and then mouth the words "I am sorry" as if all can be forgiven. The final verdict is not in, and certainly it could have been drugs, improper use of a cell phone, or some other offense that caused this wreck, but if you want my 2 cents it was a fatigued driver.  The evidence form the investigators to date shows the following: 

At the scene, Trooper John A. Reese described the investigation as ongoing. He agreed, however, that investigators probably will focus on the lack of skid marks from the truck, which apparently crossed the center line before striking the van. He identified the truck driver as Andrew David Carter, 31, of Tifton, Ga., who was taken to Baptist Medical Center South where he was treated and released.

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My prayers are with the families during this difficult time.