I just returned from a presentation by DriveCam www.drivecam.com that could really help trucking companies reduce claims AND eliminate risky drivers from their fleet. DriveCam works much like an event data recorder discussed in prior blogs. Essentially it is a camera mounted in the cab of the truck that will retain several seconds of video of both the driver and what is in front of the truck before and after an emergency event like hard braking, swerving, collision, etc… The information is automatically transmitted, wirelessly, to DriveCam headquarters for a safety analysis and then on to the trucking or bus company. Companies can then look at the data, EVEN IF THERE IS NOT A WRECK, to see what if any driver errors there were in creating the emergency situation. Was the driver following too close? Did a car swerve in front of them and cut them off? DriveCam allows company officials to review and to recognize safe drivers for preventing accidents and penalize dangerous drivers for causing accidents.

If DriveCam data exists it will immediately prove, or disprove, the cause of a collision. Juries will no longer have a he said, she said, situation in court. Trucking companies will either have a defense or will be able to admit liability, and accept responsibility,  for what happened without the burden and expense of a trial. It would appear that everyone would benefit.

I realize that some drivers may feel big brother has entered the cab. I would love to hear from drivers who were saved from punishment or a lawsuit because of DriveCam proof as well as from any driver who feels they were punished unfairly by the DriveCam system.