Current DOT drug tests can be beaten, easily, by truck drivers. In fact even if all the procedures are followed urine samples can be switched, at least that is what the Drug and Alcohol Testing Association has stated. I would list the various ways to cheat but that has already been supplied to truck drivers in the April 14, 2008 issue of Transportation Topics. They even listed the name of the product to use, which would allow driver’s to find it on Google, to avoid having a positive drug test. No kidding. You just can’t make this stuff up.

 A better method, and less invasive, would be simply to test hair samples. This test can determine drug use over the period of time it took the hair to grow. Another method, the saliva test, can determine some drug use within a 24 hour period. The best result for the public would be a combination of the tests, but no one at this time, even safety groups, appears to be advocating for that at this time.

What is clear from the above is that the urine tests currently administered can easily be beaten. There are better methods available to detect drug use, and the failure to have better testing allows drugged up drivers on the road.