It is not surprising that the FMCSA was taken back to court as they proposed keeping the 11 hour rule which has been struck down by the courts. This topic has been discussed in my prior blogs extensively. The proposed rule is simply dangerous. The safety studies cited for safer highways fail to take into account introduction of technology that decreases collisions. The selective nature of the studies chosen, and willful turning of a blind eye on the part of officials who expect to be working for the trucking industry at some point, is something I thought I would only see in third world countries.

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) said during a Dec. 19 hearing. “Despite two unanimous federal court decisions . . . the FMCSA is going forward as if the court said nothing at all.” Lautenberg said he believed “the administration’s proposed rule is a sham, and so do our courts. They’ve said so twice.” He added that since FMCSA has been “giving us reason to question their priorities and their commitment to safety, it is time for Congress to get involved.”

I agree. Please write your Representatives and let them know that this proposed rule is dangerous and they should actively oppose lengthening the hours truck drivers are on the road. Put it to them simply, ask "How is your driving after 11 straight hours on the road? Is it better or worse than when you started?" I think we all know the answer to those questions. Let us hope congress and the courts do as well because it is clear that the FMCSA won’t admit the answer.