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How to Win a Multi-Million Dollar Verdict

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After this weeks historic 9.25 Million Dollar Record Drunk Driving Tennessee Verdict.I have had a number of lawyers ask me "how do you get a multi-million dollar verdict?"  The answer is simple: with friends. First there is my client, a wonderful young lady with poise, presence, and desire to do what was right even if it cost… Continue Reading

Morgan Adams Elected to Tennessee Association for Justice Board of Governors

Posted in Hiring A Truck Accident Lawyer
I am pleased to announce that at the annual convention of the Tennessee Association of Justice (TAJ) I was elected by my peers to another term to on the TAJ Board of Governors. I was first elected in 2002, making this my tenth year serving on the Board. The goal of the TAJ is to defend the principles of the Constitutions of… Continue Reading

NTSB States Trucking Companies Should Obtain Ten (10) Year Driver History

Posted in Driver Problems
NTSB recently stated that commercial motor vehicle companies should obtain a CDL drivers’ 10 year driver history. Currently trucking companies are only required to obtain a 3 year history, many drivers re-enter the industry with a clean record, after horrific wrecks, with only a short period of time out of the business so that prior problems "drop… Continue Reading

Truck Industry Upset FMCSA Isn’t More Responsive – Are They Looking for A Rubber Stamp?

Posted in Safety
The American Transportation Association (ATA) was recently quoted as telling the FMCSA that it needed to be "more responsive" to the trucking industry. Isn’t enough that there is a revolving door between the FMCSA and the Trucking industry? Trucking officials haul off to DC for a few years, ensure legislation is passed favorable to the industry… Continue Reading


Posted in Hours of Service, Sleep Apnea
I have been fortunate to work with many great lawyers around the country on Truck Accident, Spinal Cord and Brain Injury cases. One such lawyer is Pete Everett of Fairfax, Virginia. Pete Everett, a great trucking lawyer who has a breathtaking knowledge of traumatic brain injuries, sent me the following information on a new sleep apnea study in the Australian trucking industry. … Continue Reading


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A trucking company’s driver manual tells its drivers all about the company’s safety policies and procedures. Generally, these manuals just recite Chapter 2 (the safety chapter) of the state’s CDL manual, and occasionally they includes material from a defensive driving course for truck Drivers such as the Smith System. Not a lot of difference in these manuals other than they… Continue Reading


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 January 25, 2012 House Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Committee Chairman Mica is expected to release the multi-year surface transportation reauthorization bill (H.R. 7) imminently. Congressman Jimmy Duncan is the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit on that Committee and is very influential as such. Trucking interests are lobbying for increases to federal truck sizes and weights… Continue Reading

Truck Fatalities and Injuries Increase in 2010

Posted in Safety
NHTSA stated that both injuries and deaths from trucks increased almost 10% in 2010, a surprise since the economy has kept people, and trucks off the roads. Combine the economy with the fact that cars are (generally speaking) safer every year – and there were the fewest overall deaths on the road in 60 years in 2010 – the… Continue Reading

Truck Drivers on Drugs – Meth

Posted in Safety
I post frequently on the danger of impaired drivers, and specifically the dangers from impaired truck drivers. Not much surprises me anymore, this one did:  State police report finding meth labs in truck The Courier-Journal August 18, 2011 A Mississippi truck driver was arrested Thursday morning after Kentucky State Police found two active methamphetamine labs in… Continue Reading


Posted in Hours of Service
I thought the new Hours of Service (HOS) Regulations made sense, and that there wouldn’t be much controversy about the new regulations. After all, the new regulation just put back into place the old rule. The old rule required drivers of 80,000 pound tractor trailers to stop after driving 10 hours.  The law was changed under President Bush… Continue Reading


Posted in Roadcheck
The 2011 Roadcheck is underway. This is the pre-announced "high inspection rate" period for tractor trailers. Over these few days almost 2% of the tractor trailers on the road have a chance of getting inspected. Despite being woefully inadequate, this is almost double the normal rate of daily inspections. This is when the smart unsafe truckers take… Continue Reading

Morgan Adams Quoted In Chattanooga Times Free Press on Trucking Safety

Posted in Hours of Service, Safety
Bill ignites war of words over trucking safety   by Ellis Smith Ringgold, Ga., widow Cindy Whitaker lost her husband, brother and niece in 2009 when a bucket truck hit their vehicle head-on. Now she’s pushing for tighter federal regulations for truckers, even as the trucking industry points to federal statistics indicating that America’s roads… Continue Reading