I have been staying on the road for my clients and have not had a lot of time to write. However, that hard work has been paying off, both for my clients and professionally. While confidentiality clauses and common sense prevent me from talking about my clients’ recoveries,  I am pleased to announce I was just selected as a Top 100 Tennessee SuperLawyer for 2014.
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 I am happy to announce that, after five years, I finally graduated from the Trial Lawyer’s College (TLC). I am now the 4th person to have both been certified an AAJ Diplomate as well as graduate from the TLC. I am proud that I am the first truck accident lawyer to do so. This is good

Founding partner Morgan G. Adams established the Law Offices of Morgan Adams in 1997, and later opened offices in Chicago, San Francisco, and  Nashville, TN to support his clients nationally. He is often referred to as "The Truck Accident Attorney." In 2012 he received the first "Lifetime Achievement Award" ever given by the American Association for Justice’s