On July 11, 2012, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Deputy Administrator Bill Bronrott testified about the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program before the U.S. House of Representative’s Committee on Small Business. Deputy Bronrott’s written testimony discusses CSA’s safety benefits and its impact on small businesses, and is posted on FMCSA’s Website. Some of

CSA (formerly CSA 2010 [which originally stood for Comprehensive Safety Analysis but was changed on Nov 30th to Compliance Safety and Accountability and the 2010 was dropped]) is now live at www.SAFERSYS.org .  This will have a significant impact on litigation involving trucks, buses, and other commercial motor vehicles.

FYI, the FMCSA caved to

In typical government fashion "CSA 21010" is now "CSA." The 2010 has been dropped , presumably because the program was delayed and pushed back another year.

I have blogged about CSA 2010 before (click here for a general overview) and was looking forward to the new system which, allegedly, will be able to asses more than the 1-2% of trucking companies that under the current system are currently evaluated. Unfortunately the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said it was