In 2012 a final rule was published in the Federal Register requiring DOT medical examiners to be certified, and complete minimum education, on the medical standards required for CMV drivers. The rule goes into effect two years after the Final rule was published, in this case the new rule will go into effect May 21, 2014. It is about time!

I have handled a number of cases where the medical provider clearly didn’t know what they were doing and provided a medical card to an unsafe, unqualified driver. A trucking company could require use of one of these certified examiners now, but in my experience they don’t. Unsafe CMV drivers remain on our roads.

I anticipate LOADS of CMV drivers will be trying to get a 2 year medical card from their "favorite" medical provider on May 20, 2014. Since they wont have to re-certify for two years, don’t expect safer roads until at least May 21, 2016!

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