In Vancouver, Canada the Interstate Trucking Litigation Group (ITLG) elected its new Officers and Board Members and presented the first ever ITLG Chairman’s Award was presented to Robert Collins. The new Officers and Board Members, all fine trucking lawyers, are:

Brad Bradshaw, Missouri – Chair

Dan Munley, Pennsylvania – Vice-Chair


Dan Buba, Indiana – Secretary


Robert Collins, Texas – Treasurer


Larry Simon, New Jersey  – Special Projects


Jeff Burns, Missouri – Publications Editor


Dan Linebaugh, Texas – Board Member for a 4 year term


Marion Munley, Pennsylvania – Board Member for a 4 year term


Morgan Adams, Tennessee – Past-Chair


In addition Robert Collins was given the Chairman’s Award. It was my pleasure to present the award to Robert in front of his peers. You can’t always choose with whom you work , but when you are lucky enough to have a leader of Robert’s caliber on your team many difficult things are made easy. The award can be seen here.