Roadcheck 2010 was June 8-10 this year. This is the industry, pre-announced, inspection that causes unsafe truck drivers to take vacations so they don’t get inspected. This is true even though the increased inspections still only look at a fraction of the trucks on the road. Now that the inspection is over unsafe truckers will be back on the road, in droves, trying to make up for lost time.

Please be extra careful around trucks the next few weeks.

I personally believe that the 2 week period after Roadcheck is extremely dangerous. I think, if analyzed, the statistics would show an increase in the number of wrecks involving tractor trailers after Roadcheck as unsafe truck drivers returned to the roads. I am aware of no research into this idea and think it should be looked into by the government. If I am right there will be an uptick in wrecks following Roadcheck, and it will prove once and for all that the Roadcheck results (that show that 1 in every 5 trucks has a safety violation), under-counts the real numbers of unsafe trucks and truck drivers on our roads.