Swift Transportation, like other trucking companies, destroys evidence. Whether a trucking company calls it a document retention policy, purging files of old records, or they have some other description for the act, the fact is people who trust the trucking company’s insurance adjuster to "be fair" are being lied to as the company is actively destroying documents.

When trucking companies know there are people who are killed and injured, laying in a hospital as a result of the trucking companies negligence, the trucking companies deliberately destroy evidence that would prove they were at fault in a wreck while they send out flunkies to hold the victims hands and tell them that everything is going to be "all right." Everything will not be all right if you listen to a trucking company’s insurance adjuster. The insurance adjuster uses a calculated and deliberate tactic to lull victims into a false sense of security.

Even when lawyers and courts do get involved, trucking companies will frequently still destroy evidence BUT, if a good lawyer is involved for the victims, the company will be sanctioned and often has to pay sanctions for their actions. Unfortunately most people hire lawyers who don’t regularly handle trucking cases so trucking companies get away with destroying evidence, which is why they still do it. I have previously written on how to find a good lawyer for a truck or bus injury case.

Back to Swift. In a Motion  for Sanctions for destruction of evidence by Swift in South Carolina a California lawyer, in a sworn affidavit attached to the Motion, made clear that Swift "purposely mislead the Court… regarding the existence and destruction of evidence…" Swift was sanctioned for discovery abuse. The lawyer went on to state in his sworn affidavit: "In my 39 years of Practicing law, I have never come across a company that so willfully and flagrantly abuses the discovery process as does Swift and their attorneys."