The Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Alliance (CMVSA) has set June 2-4 as the time to hold its Roadcheck 2009 event. This event asks for all states to inspect trucks. Less than 1% of trucks are inspected. By announcing the inspections 4 months in advance, the CMVSA gives drivers and trucking companies four months to prepare, or if the problems are serious enough, to simply stay off the road.

Despite huge publicity in the trucking industry, the 3 day inspection in 2008 found 23.9% of inspected drivers failed a Level 1 inspection. While ATA President and CEO Bill Graves said last year that the Federation was pleased “to see that the safety of the truck fleet continues to improve.” The president failed to point out that almost 1 in 4 trucks was in violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations! The fact that drivers are on the road in an unsafe condition, knowing that this special inspection will be run, shows how drivers believe the chances of being inspected is so rare that they believe they won’t be caught, or that they are so ill trained that they think they are safe.

The trucking industry, far from crowing about a 23.9% failure rate on an announced inspection, should be ashamed of itself.