Tennessee Truck Accident Attorney

I have been fortunate to work with many great lawyers around the country on Truck Accident, Spinal Cord and Brain Injury cases. One such lawyer is Pete Everett of Fairfax, Virginia. Pete Everett, a great trucking lawyer who has a breathtaking knowledge of traumatic brain injuries, sent me the following information on a new sleep apnea study in the Australian trucking

While trucking companies acknowledge that hair tests show a much higher number of drivers with drug problems than conventional drug testing, most still don’t use this modern and efficient test.

C.R. England, a large national trucking company, found when it switched to hair tests for drugs that the positive rate for drivers shot up to from 2.8%

Last week I moderated the morning session of the national conference for the American Association for Justice’s Trucking Litigation Group. This is a group of truck accident attorneys from around the country, as well as lawyers who are learning how to handle their first truck accident cases. This is the sort of continuing legal education you want your lawyer