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Preventing Tractor Trailer Rollovers

Posted in Driver Problems, Legal Issues, Rollover Accidents, Safety
Training remains the number one way to prevent truck rollovers according to government and industry officials. A 2007 report by Battelle Memorial Institute for the FMCSA found “75% [of rollovers] are attributed to driver error.” The primary cause was running off the road, caused by driver fatigue or inattentiveness.” Trucking companies could reduce rollovers by… Continue Reading

Responsibility for Truck Rollovers

Posted in Rollover Accidents
In a Tractor Trailer rollovers, who is to blame is frequently a major issue. Federal regulations generally require the driver to bear responsibility for the loading, and faulty loading, of the trailer. However an exception is made for loads that are sealed. Who then is responsible? Generally speaking it is the company that loaded and sealed… Continue Reading