Last week I moderated the morning session of the national conference for the American Association for Justice’s Trucking Litigation Group. This is a group of truck accident attorneys from around the country, as well as lawyers who are learning how to handle their first truck accident cases. This is the sort of continuing legal education you want your lawyer to have if they are going to handle your  trucking case. See my prior post on "how to hire a great truck accident lawyer"

The litigation group’s mission is to educate and prepare lawyers on how to handle truck accident lawsuits and to work with safety authorities on the national and state level to make trucks safer on the roads and to reduce the number of truck wrecks. I am a past  president of the trucking litigation group.


The program this year was terrific.  Some of the topics that were covered include:

•    Introduction for lawyers to truck accident cases
•    Teaching jurors the dangers of trucks
•    The opening statement in a truck accident lawsuit
•    Using the special rules and regulations governing the trucking industry  in  depositions
•    Preparing the truck accident case for trial
•    Closing arguments in a trucking case.

This conference was in New York and is part of the American Association for Justice summer convention. I enjoyed helping my fellow injury attorneys better understand how to represent and protect their clients, and in particular the truck accident victims who have been harmed by negligent trucking companies.