Recently a Liquid Natural Gas producer suggested they should be allowed to deliver LNG from Savannah, GA throughout the south, to include Atlanta. The full story written by Mary Landers can be seen here.

What is the danger? Outside of normal wrecks, tankers are prone to rollovers, a topic I have blogged about repeatedly in the past. LNG tankers make perfect terrorist bombs. If the LNG tanker leaks its 13,000 gallons of LNG, its contents change from liquid to vapor, which will expand about 600 times, and then explode. In 1944 a LNG explosion leveled one square mile of Cleveland. a photo I found on the web of the aftermath is shown below:

How bad an idea is this? Look at the research done on the impact of a LNG ship in Boston Harbor. An LNG ship blowing up has been described as having a force multiple times the impact of the nuclear bomb that hit Hiroshima.

How to comment on LNG trucks on Derenne

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulates the LNG industry.

Comments about the proposed truck-loading facility and Elba Island, including concerns about increased traffic, should be sent to FERC by Sept. 7 to help shape the commission’s environmental assessment.

The commission strongly encourages electronic filings of comments, protests and interventions in lieu of paper using the "eFiling" link at Persons unable to file electronically should submit an original and 14 copies of the protest or intervention to the Federal Energy regulatory Commission, 888 First Street, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20426.

An official time frame for the project has not yet been developed, but a spokeswoman estimated it would take 12-18 months from the company’s Aug. 4 application to FERC date for commission to decide on the matter.